Ready for Spring!!!

Folks. Its been a ROUGH winter! Im sure everyone EVERYWHERE is so ready to see the calendar say SPRING TIME IS HERE! I just wish Mother Nature also got the memo and instantly switched to 70 degrees and sunshine. But alas….another 10 day forecast prediction of 30-40 degrees and some rain. Im so ready to

1. Open the sunroof of my car and turn up my Beyonce!!!

2. Um…Shorts? Tank tops? Sunglasses? ’nuff said…..

3. Take lots of walks with my boys and get working on that suntan!

4. Bust out my Caribbean candles and have the delicious scent of coconuts and honey swarming my house.

5. We are trying to move by this Fall so Im hoping to also get some house repairs done:)

Jared and I took a fun vacation last Spring to our home away from home (Wilmington) and there is a restaurant there we ADORE! Its called Indochine and you literally feel like you walked right off the beach and into Thailand! Its such a great experience! I was looking through old photos today and found these two and began drooling for some beef curry…..YUM!

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Jess and Dave | Engagement

Saturday I got to spend a short amount of time with Jess and Dave doing a couple shots for their save the date cards. These two are so so so adorable! They instantly were super cute in front of my camera and everything felt so comfortable and flawless! I want to share a sneak peek with you just so you can see how gorgeous these two are together!! I can’t WAIT to shoot their wedding this coming October!!


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Katey King -

SHOW US MORE!!!!! Great sneak peak!

Heather Churchill -

Stunning couple!! I can’t wait to see more :)

Intimate Portraits

As the next month continues I expect to have my new Women’s Intimate Portraiture brand and website completely launched! I will post on that when it becomes live and available to check out! But for now I have a splash page landing for those who want a quick sneak peek on it! You can find that at

It is my hearts desire to work with women who are married or are going to be getting married. I want these women to know just how incredibly beautiful they truly are in this exact moment of time. Not 10, 20, 30 pounds lighter than now. RIGHT NOW. As women we need to become more comfortable and confident in our own skin and I want to provide that experience for us!!

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Kaityln and Matt | Cleveland Engagement

We LOVE traveling for shoots! For Kaitlyn and Matt’s engagement session they invited us up to Cleveland, Ohio to shoot in the Severance Hall and then around Lake Erie.

They. Were. BRAVE.

Lake Erie in the winter time is the definition of cold. I was trying not to cry like a little girl when we were shooting out there. I would really love to go shoot around the lake in the summer!

Kaitlyn and Matt were SUPER easy to photograph. They not only displayed their love effortlessly, but channeled their inner models!! See for yourself!:)

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