Callan and Andrew | Brookside Country Club Wedding

Callan and Andrew held their wedding at Brookside Country Club here in Columbus, Ohio. It was an honor to photograph this special day for them since we’ve known Callan for a few years now! Callan and Andrew absolutely SHINE love. Their togetherness is so inspiring and so contagious. Pair that with a beautiful 72 degree sunny day with the most beautiful trees I think we’ve ever had, and you get one of my favorite weddings!!

Plus, you know you photograph special people when they hand their photographers a really nice bottle of scotch and Kate Spade jewelry!

We had a great relaxed timeline which was so nice! Callan and Andrew did a first look so that we could complete everything before the ceremony in a relaxed fashion. Their decision did not go unrewarded! If you are on the fence about a First Look just email me! We need to talk;)

Callans mom HANDMADE her dress….is that not insane? Im talking the lace, bead work, everything….

Right before the first look I asked Andrew if he was excited…His response “Ive been waiting for this day for a very long time….” Insert tears…




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Cheryl Kirgis Kitchin -

Beautiful pictures!! Your wedding was one of the most elegant weddings I have ever attended and we had a wonderful time. You two make a very cute couple!

Jess and Dave | Brookside Country Club Wedding

This past fall we shot a beautiful outdoor wedding at Brookside Country Club! The day couldn’t have been more perfect as the sun was shining, the leaves were bright in their fall colors, and love was in the air!

I really loved shooting Jess and Dave’s wedding. I just loved how genuine their love seemed. When Jared asked Dave what he was most looking forward to about the day Dave replied, “Im most looking forward to the ceremony because of what it stands for…” So often we hear in response that the giant party at the end is what most look forward to. It was so refreshing hearing a groom look forward to what the ceremony means to him.

Brookside Country Club is a great place to host your wedding. Callan, the coordinator there, is the BEST and we actually are going to be shooting her wedding this coming May! YAY Callan!!!:)


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Its early in the morning. The cool blue November light barely lights through my foggy window as I just enjoyed the last sip of my warm cup of coffee. I have two lit candles by my side; one Balsam and Cedar and the other Warm Woodland Walk. I can’t make up my mind whether or not to burn a fall candle, or a winter candle. And that completely sets the tone to how most of my days operate. Cant decide, I’ll just do both… But on this cold fall morning, the day before Thanksgiving, Im completely overwhelmed with how blessed we are. Im thankful for my tiny little house that provides us shelter and warmth. And I completely love that I can see all four walls/rooms while sitting in the perfect spot on the couch.

Im thankful for my husband who works so hard to make me happy. Constantly. And Im thankful when he flat out tells me if Im being kind of a brat. Im thankful for my family members who provide me with countless amounts of entertainment and love! Im not really sure what the bandanas were for but we just went along with what my Stepdad wanted us to do;)….

Im thankful for my friends who always make me laugh! Always. Who needs the gym when you can have gut busters with your friends?


Most of all, Im thankful for my God and the gift that Jesus gave to us on the cross. Without this gift of grace I would be incredibly lost in my ways. He has carried me through the darkest of days, he’s laughed with me in the happiest of days, and he has loved me for all of my days. That is the best gift anyone could ever receive.

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